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The office of constable dates from Medieval England.  Constables were peace officers with wide powers of arrest and investigation.  As time passed, their importance was diminished.  Early English settlers transplanted the office to colonial America and it has survived to the present in most states, but its powers have steadily declined.

Constables were first made constitutional officers under the 1850 Constitution.  The present Constitution requires the election of one constable in each district.  Christian County has eight constables.  The qualifications of a constable are as follows:  they must be 24 years of age, a citizen of the state for two years, and a resident of the county and district one year prior to election.  Before taking office, constables must execute bond at a minimum amount of $10,000, approved by the fiscal court.  A constable’s term in office is four years.

Constables are peace officers with broad powers of arrest and authority to serve court processes.  They may execute warrants, summonses, subpoenas, attachments, notices, rules and orders of the court in all criminal, penal and civil cases.  Any constable may, upon approval of the fiscal court in the county of jurisdiction, equip vehicles used by him as emergency vehicles with one or more flashing, rotating or oscillating blue lights.

In all counties except Jefferson County, constables are compensated from the fees they collect for service of process.  Some constables receive mileage and expenses for taking or assisting in taking adult prisoners to the penitentiary or other jails.


Constable, District 1 Clarence Clark
  104 S. Legion Circle
  Hopkinsville, Kentucky  42240
Constable, District 2 Charles "Chuck" Gresham  
  117 N. Fowler Ave.
  Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240
Constable, District 3 Robert Webb
  1675 Everett Lane
  Hopkinsville, Kentucky  42240
Constable, District 4 Tommy Gary  
  209 Pyle Lane
  Hopkinsville, Kentucky  42240
Constable, District 5 Mark A. Graham  
  3500 Bahama Drive
  Hopkinsville, Kentucky  42240
(270) 885-3749 Home
(270) 498-1156 Cell
District 6
James E. "Gene" Glass
  5165 Pembroke Fairview Road
  Pembroke, Kentucky  42266
Constable, District 7 Richard Leavell, III
  330 Jonaquin Circle
Hopkinsville, Kentucky  42240
(270)885-1885 Home
(270)881-3249 Cell


Constable, District 8 Mike O. "Bubba" Haddock  
  2207 Greenville Road
  Hopkinsville, Kentucky  42240

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