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To qualify for the office of magistrate, one must be at least twenty-four years of age at the time of his election, a citizen of Kentucky, a resident of the state for at least two years immediately preceding election, and a resident of the county and district he is to represent for at least one year immediately prior to election.   Magistrates also must continue to reside in the district they represent during their term of office.

The constitution requires that each county be divided into three to eight districts in a manner determined by the General Assembly.  One magistrate must be elected from each district, and their term of office consists of four years.  To be eligible for the office of magistrate, a person must be at least 24 years of age, a resident of the county for two years preceding the election, and a Kentucky citizen.  In order to represent a particular district, one must have lived in that district for at least one year immediately preceding the election.  Further, a magistrate must continue to reside within the district from which he was elected or forfeit the office.

Christian County Fiscal Court has eight magistrates and is presided over by the county judge/executive.  Magistrates have official power only when fiscal court is in session.  When the fiscal court is adjourned, magistrates possess no administrative or executive power in relation to county government, except for performing marriages when authorized by the county judge/executive of their county.

Under Kentucky law, it is the fiscal court’s responsibility to appropriate county funds for local purposes, buy and sell county property, supervise the fiscal affairs of the county and county officers, and exercise all other corporate powers of the county.  Under this same law, it is mandated that the fiscal court be responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of county buildings, roads and other property, and for the incarceration of prisoners.  The incarceration of prisoners may be accomplished either by maintaining a jail or by contracting with another county to provide jail space.  Christian County maintains its own jail which is overseen by the duly elected jailer.

Fiscal Court has the authority to control and supervise most aspects of the financial affairs of the county, including the county budget, tax levies, payments from the county treasury, and bond issuances.  Through its approval power over the county budget, the fiscal court controls the appropriations to various programs and activities of county government.

Christian County Fiscal Court magistrates meet twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 8:30 a.m. in the Fiscal Courtroom which is located in the historic Courthouse at 511 South Main Street, Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

In addition to meeting twice a month, magistrates are assigned to numerous committees for the purpose of making recommendations to the whole court on certain matters.  The magistrates are answerable to the constituents in their district, and represent their interests before the Fiscal Court. 




District 1
Kenneth Bates  
809 East 1st Street
Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240
Phone (270) 886-7828

District 2
Mark Wells 
7130 Harmony Grove Road
Crofton, Kentucky 42217
Phone (270) 886-4248

District 3
Mark E. Cansler   
5315 Gracey-Sinking Fork Road
Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240
Phone (270) 235-5713

District 4
Darrell Gustafson  
32 Harton Place
Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240
Phone (270) 881-8244

District 5
Rich Liebe 
2709 Cayce Meade Drive
Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240
Phone (270) 886-4824

District 6
Jack Lackey  
4355 Pembroke-Fairview Road
Pembroke, Kentucky 42266
Phone (270) 475-4174 

District 7 
David Collins
232 Crossbow Ct.
Hopkinsville, Kentucky  42240
Phone (270) 885-2263

District 8
Terry Bowman   
2290 Poole Mill Road
Crofton, Kentucky 42217
Phone (270) 424-5616


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